Expert Content Delivery

Multi-Redundant content delivery can be affordable and profitable! We have spent many years developing and perfecting our CDN structure to allow scaling for the smallest and largest customers in the Podcasting world. Whether you get 1,000 or 80,000,000 downloads each month you can feel confident our network will handle it. We own our equipment and deploy our own networks. We do not depend on “Public” networks to service our customers. Just a few of our advantages:

  • Data Centers Worldwide.
  • Superior Load Balancing.
  • Continuous ddOS Monitoring and Protection.
  • Multi-Redundant File Storage with Mirroring.
  • Shared and Dedicated Services Available.
  • Fully Automated RSS Feed Generation.
  • Audio Ad Monopolization in More Than 40 Countries Worldwide.
  • Automated Ad Normalizing to the Level of Your Podcast.
  • Geo Targeted and Programmatic Delivery.
  • Custom Players and Software Available.
  • MRI Data Collection.
  • Expert Digital Ad Sales Staff.
  • Superior Customer Service and Program Support.
  • Programmatic Banner Ad Placement for Websites.
  • Video and Audio Podcasting Available.

When you employ our services you no longer have to worry about sketchy delivery. You concentrate on making great shows and product and we take care of the rest.