Example Feeds

Using a custom RSS solution called rssfolder, we are able to generate your feeds for inclusion in iTunes and other podcast directories. We developed this custom solution for Talk Radio Network and decided to improve on it for use with all podcast customers. All of your show information is pulled from the metadata tags within your audio file. Show descriptions can be placed in the comment tag area and will automatically appear in your custom feed. The feed automatically redirects to our ad insertion solution servers and our MRI data collection agency, Podtrac. Here are a few of the popular shows we provide services for:

The Robert Davi Show

The Bill Wattenburg Show

America’s Morning News

Watchdog On Wall Street

Couple this with our Podcast manager software for listen stats and you have a total solution for your podcasting needs. File uploads are easily accomplished through your custom FTP folder right from your desktop. We provide you a sub-audible tone to place into your shows that automatically launch commercial spots by pausing the podcast and then restarting where it left off. No more unprofessional over lays that take away from your important content.